Fabriano Choral Festival 2020 (Cancelled)

Chi Sogna può Volare
22 aprile 2018
Fabriano Choral Festival 2020 (annullato e rinviato a luglio 2021)
24 novembre 2019

The Fabriano Choral Festival IS CANCELED!

Because of COVID-19, we are forced to stop the organizational machine.

We were ready, we were about to close the registrations because we were full but, despite ourselves, an infinitely small and invisible being forces us to postpone everything next year.
The Giovani Fabrianesi Choir and the Pro Loco Fabriano want to thank all the choral realities that had decided to join us in our Festival and had already confirmed their participation:

– Choral “Armonia Sinfonica” (Oricola – AQ)
– Women’s Choir “Note di Donne” (Modena)
– “Incontrocanto” Polyphonic Choir (Ardea – RM)
– “San Leopoldo” Choir of Cavanella (Concordia Sagitaria – VE)
– Choir “Sui Generis” – (Pontecagnano – SA)
– “Quattro Canti” Choir (Genoa)
– The “Cantori Veneti” (Trebaseleghe – PD)

We also thank all the choirs who have shown interest and who have not yet definitively confirmed, with whom we will keep in touch.

The program is ready, and we just have to wait for July 2021 to be able to carry it out with all of you, wishing heartily that EVERYTHING IS OK.

WE WILL BE THERE, full of hope and confident that it will certainly be a SPECIAL edition, because MUSIC IS OUR STRENGTH and nothing and nobody will stop it!